Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rapper Azealia Banks compares LGBT community to 'gay white KKK' after her plane incident

Azealia Banks has compared the LGBT community to the 'gay white KKK.'
The outspoken rapper, 24, was criticized for screaming at an airline attendant and calling him a 'f*****g f****t' during an altercation on a Delta flight on September 22.

Banks, who identifies as bisexual, lashed out at the gay community for focusing on her language rather than the man's actions, calling the LGBT community 'weaklings' who need to toughen up.
Azealia had a meltdown on a Delta flight on September 22, after a French passenger blocked her as she tried to squeeze down the aisle and make a quick exit.
The rapper says the man hit her in the face, but witnesses told TMZ he put his hand in Banks' face to stop her as she pushed past.
A video of the incident shows the musician screaming the slur at the flight attendant after he tried to take her luggage. She later quickly exited the plane after being told police had been called.  

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