Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Erectile Dysfunction

Story told from Men's Clinic
Ade and Busola have been married for years, they recently had a baby boy and have never been happier, for their marriage anniversary they decided to travel to a resort for a week, so they could enjoy themselves alone. The first day at the resort Busola and her husband went straight to their bed room to have sex, but this was cut short because Ade could not get it up and hard when it was time.
 Ade said it was probably because he was tired from the trip, that after a rest he would be ready. They tried again but Ade could only go one round which made Busola really upset and dissatisfied. The same thing happened every time they tried to have sex tillthe day they left.

When she got backhome Busola went to a sex shop toget a device to pleasure her.One day after a dissatisfying one round session of sex,Busola went straight to the bathroom to pleasure herself like she has been doing, while she was in the bathroom Ade walked in and saw her, she explained what she has been going through and after a long talk they both agreed to go and see a doctor concerning his problem.

Ade and Busola saw a specialist and it was diagnosed that he had an erectile dysfunction and after the diagnostic and treatment they had a normal and an enjoyable sex life. If your scenarios is similar to the one above, Mens Clinic offers treatment that can help solve such issues, we also treatelow testosterone, early ejaculation, low libido and we do general medical check-up.

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